17″” X 17″” Lumbar Region Back Supporter For Chair : ( Pack of 2 Back Supporters) (ToolUSA: LHEN-5735-Z02)


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Product Description

This Back Supporter Is Made For Anyone Who Spends A Lot Of Time Seated At A Desk, Or Behind The Wheel. Simply Attach This Supporter To Your Chair Back, With The Elastic Strap Provided, And You Can Lean Back In Comfort, With Just The Right Amount Of Lumbar Support To Relieve The Stress On Your Lower Back. Made Of Durable, Breathable Mesh To Keep You Cool, With A Strong Metal Frame For Plenty Of Support.

  • 17″” X 17″”
  • Elastic Strap Attaches To Chair
  • Curved For Lumbar Support
  • Makes Every Chair Comfortable
  • Relieves Lower Back Pain
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    Weight 2.2 lbs