Classic Rubber Transparent Hot Water Bottle 0.75 Liter with Cover for Pain Relief Cold Therapy #24


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Ships from Hong Kong. Material: High Quality Rubber. Size:Length:6.1 inches / 15.5 cm,Width:8.66 inches / 22 cm Weight:500g. Including:1 Rubber Hot Water Bottle, 1 Knit Cover. Extra soft and lovely knit cover,Machine washable. Turtleneck Knit Style makes it easy to put on bottle. Christmas version hot water bottle,it is a good choice for Christmas gifts. Stay Warm and Comfortably Sleep,ease All Types of Pain,use as an Ice Pack or Cold Water Bottle. Holding the hot-water bottle by its neck, fill carefully to a maximum of 2/3 to prevent any water from splashing back. Including:1 Rubber Hot Water Bottle, 1 Cute Knit Cover.

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